Savemixer™ is the Energy Intelligence solution developed by Seaside


Maximize energy performance to improve economic and environmental impact.

Reduce energy consumptions in energy-intensive processes, industry and service sectors, and maximize production from renewables.

Ideal Solution

Identifies energy baselines and optimal energy performances, highlighting deviations and trends.

Calculates forecasts, supporting Energy Manager in budgeting and planning.

Desired Outcomes

Provides a scientific method for analysis of energy performances.

Savemixer is used in more than 100 companies, SME and international groups.
Energy savings between 10-20%, with a payback time < 12 months.

Predictive Energy Analytics

Savemixer™ through the use of regressive statistical algorithms and machine learning allows Energy Managers to develop energy baselines and predictive power consumption profiles

Savemixer™ helps to

identify inefficient processes and technical solutions, promptly react and prevent wastes, estimate and reduce energy costs, decide for replacements or maintenance before faults.

Our clients


Packaging and Automation

Fashion Industry

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